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2017-2018 Choir Fees

Annual choir fees include the following:

Costume rental, repair, and purchase, district-mandated supply fee, sight-reading book fee, t-shirt fee, participation fees for festivals, and professional services fee.

The total for New Edition, Accents, and Ambassadors also includes the cost of travel and entrance fees for show choir competitions as well as ISSMA.

The total for Allegro includes the cost of travel and entrance fees for ISSMA.

The total for Encores, Descants, and Allegro include the cost of their mini-tour (bus, dinner, show ticket, etc.)

The total for Blue & Gold includes their participation in the Butler Choral Festival (travel, meal, entrance fee).

The total for Select Sound includes travel costs for field trips and tour in the Spring.

PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO “CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL” and return to the Carmel Choir Directors. If you prefer to pay using a credit card, please complete the form below. Note that there is an additional 3% processing fee for all credit card payments. Each student will need to be registered separately with each one completing their own form.

Costume Fee: This fee varies depending upon which choir each student is in. It includes a dry cleaning and alterations fee and a charge for costume rental. This year, some of the choirs are larger than ever, so these funds will also be used to purchase additional costumes to supplement the stock already owned by the department. Each choir will also receive some new costume pieces each year.

District Supply Fee: These are district-mandated charges used to pay for certain classroom expenses. In the recent pat, these have been used to purchase new music (a single copy of a song averages $2.25 per copy and each choir performs at least 15 pieces per year). These fees are also used to purchase miscellaneous “consumable” classroom materials.

Sight-reading Book Fee: This is a small fee to cover the cost of sight-reading and music theory textbooks and workbooks each year.

Professional Services Fee: This fee covers the cost of any professional guest clinicians, custom arrangers, choreographers, theater technicians, instrumentalists, etc. that are brought in throughout the year.

Shoes: Each student will be required to have the same shoes for performance. Girls will need caramel character shoes, and boys will need black dress shoes. The choral department has chosen a specific style for each and will have a specific day when all students try on shoes and select their appropriate size. Doing a large, bulk order of shoes through the department ensures that we will receive the lowest possible price per pair.

Financial Assistance: In this choir program, we are all equal regardless of economic background. No student who performs to the best of his or her ability will be denied the opportunity to participate in an activity because of a lack of personal wealth. However, it is the responsibility of the student and parents to communicate directly with the teachers in order to handle this situation when it arises. All requests for financial assistance must be submitted in writing, accompanied by a scholarship application form available in the Choir Office. Students who receive financial assistance are expected to participate in all fundraisers and to help the program in a service capacity on a regular basis to give what they can back to the program that is monetarily assisting them. If a student is not contributing to the program in other ways and meeting all classroom requirements, he or she will risk losing scholarship money or payment extensions. Please contact the directors if you require an alternate payment plan.

2017-2018 Tuition Fees for Carmel Choir Participation

Ambassadors: $1575
Accents: $1475
Counterpoints: $150
Descants: $275*
Encores: $275*
Allegro: $300*
Blue & Gold Company: $200*
New Edition: $325*
Select Sound: $400*

*includes all field trip costs