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DVD Orders – 2018 Spring Concert

Choir Performers & Parents Only

Click here to download and print a hard-copy form that you can complete and bring to the Lobby Sales Table outside the auditorium.
Note:  Payment will be collected on the evenings of performances at the Lobby Sales Table.  Make checks payable to “Sam Milosevich” or in cash.

Your DVD of a complete CarmelChoirs’ Spring Choirs in Concert ‘18 show will include unique high-view recordings of the Choirs performing, showing the complex choreography and also giving special attention to audio recording of the performance.

This offer is for one (1) Choir Performer/Parent-Only PRIVATE Review Recording that must NOT be duplicated, distributed, nor displayed publicly. You must not allow anyone to copy, email, share, post, upload, etc. any of this recording. Respect fair use of copyright material.

Return this form to the Lobby DVD Table as directed below to receive this DVD-R price of $30 with shipment via Mail (no in-class delivery to Student available this late in the school year).

Thank you to all of the Choir Performers and to all of the Choir Parents!

Technical Questions? E-mail sam@acm.org

A portion of Your Purchase benefits CarmelChoirs.