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Summer Spectacular Show Choir Camp

Camp Information

CAMP STARTS TUESDAY! We are so excited to work with the students this coming week. Below are some final reminders to be aware of for this coming week. If you have any last-minute cancellations, changes in schedule, etc., please email both Ovation Finance and Katie Kouns. We are looking forward to a wonderful week making music and memories!


Traffic & Parking:

Due to the large amount of construction happening on and around Carmel High School’s campus, there is VERY limited access to parking, and many of the streets around campus are closed. Main Street is closed from Lexington to Rangeline, and there is also construction beginning on Stadium Drive which enters the North side of campus off of Smoky Row. Because of this, ALL traffic must come from the West side of campus, through the neighborhood, and into the parking lot by the Freshman Center. From Rangeline, vehicles can take 2nd Street NW or 1st Street NE to get to campus. Tuesday registration is the ONLY day that parents will need to park and enter the building. Otherwise, campers will be dropped off and picked up on the sidewalk outside of Door 13. After Tuesday, we also recommend carpooling with other campers to cut down on the number of vehicles trying to get on and off campus at the same time. Because of this limited access, we ask you to be patient and plan extra time for drop off and pick up.


Tuesday, May 31 – Crazy Socks Spirit Day!

  • 8:30am – Check In begins for 5th, 6th, & 7th grade campers
  • 12:30pm – Check In begins for 8th & 9th grade campers

Check In will take place just inside door 13 of the Freshman Center on the West side of campus. Parents should park in the west lot and bring their son or daughter into the Freshman Center to check in. If your child has any changes to their medical information, please bring a doctor’s note at this time. Also, if any of your contact info has changed, please let us know. It is also VITAL that we know whether or not your child will be participating in every day of the camp for the entire time. If your child will be arriving early, leaving late, or not attending a day of camp, please have the people at registration mark that on his or her card.


Check In:

Students will check in and they will receive their music packet for the week as well as their camp t-shirt. They can quickly run to the nearby restrooms to change into their camp rehearsal t-shirt. Some of the high school students will escort them into the Freshman Cafeteria where they will be supervised until registration is complete. The first rehearsal begins at 9am for the morning session, and 1pm for the afternoon session.


Daily drop off:

After the Tuesday check in, students may be dropped at Door 13 and come straight into the Freshman Cafeteria where their counselors & dance captains will greet them. Doors will be open for students to enter 15 minutes prior to the start of camp (8:45am for morning session, and 12:45pm for afternoon session).

Please only send registered campers to camp.  Friends and/or siblings are not able to be properly supervised during the rehearsal, and it is a liability for us to have any student on campus under our supervision without an emergency medical form on file.


Daily attire:

Students should wear closed-toe sneakers each day, as well as comfortable shorts or athletic pants. Girl’s shorts should not be “too short” and they should not wear skirts. All campers should wear their “name-tag” shirt on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. This shirt will be provided on the first day of camp. On Friday, students will wear their camp logo shirt and blue jeans (non-ripped) for the recording of the final performance. They will be given this shirt when they are dismissed on Thursday. We recommend that students pull longer hair back away from their face during choreography rehearsals.


Other things to bring:

All students should bring a refillable water bottle labeled with their name. They may also want to bring a small snack if they cannot make it through the 3-hour rehearsals without nutrition. We will take a snack break about half-way through the 3-hour rehearsal session each day.



There will be two main vocal directors and one main choreographer for each level of the camp. Below is a list of this year’s clinicians:

  • 5th, 6th, & 7th Grade: Katie Kouns & Anna Debard – Vocal Clinicians; Sloan Bayer – Choreographer
  • 8th & 9th Grade: Kyle Barker & Katie Kouns– Vocal Clinicians; Marty DeMott – Choreographer

Tuesday’s rehearsal will start with a few “get to know each other” activities, followed by some vocal rehearsal for the students to learn the songs that they will be performing. They will begin a little bit of choreography this day, but the majority of this rehearsal will be vocal. Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, students can expect to be learning a lot of choreography as well as working on the vocal parts to the songs. They will also spend time staging the songs and preparing for their final performance. We will record the final performance on Friday during the last 30 minutes of rehearsal and provide this video to all parents of campers. Next year, when we are back in our auditorium, we will resume our live performance for the audience on our last day of camp.


Spirit Days:

We will have some fun on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday with “Spirit Days”.  Prizes will be awarded to the most “spirited” kiddos!

  • Tuesday, May 31 – Crazy Socks Day
  • Wednesday, June 1 – Crazy Hair Day
  • Thursday, June 2 – Crazy Shorts Day
  • Friday, June 3 – No spirit day because students will be dressed to record their performance.


Daily pick-up:

The 5th, 6th, & 7th grade morning session will end promptly at 12pm each day. The 8th & 9th grade afternoon session will end promptly at 4pm each day. All students need to be picked up by either 12:15pm or 4:15pm respectively.  Each student will have a designated counselor, and parents will pick their child up from the assigned counselor. You will meet your child’s counselor on Tuesday. Counselors walk students out to the sidewalk outside Door 13 and they will wait with students until parents have driven through the circle and picked them up. Please be ready to show ID to pick up campers.


Practicing at Home:

We encourage students to practice their songs at dances at home during the week.  To make this easier, recordings and videos of their music and choreography will be posted in this google drive folder:

Practice Recordings & Videos


Friday Performance Attire:

All campers will receive a Summer Spectacular performance t-shirt to wear for the final performance. They should also wear blue jeans (preferably without any holes or rips), as well as closed-toe sneakers. Again, students with longer hair should pull it away from their face for the final performance.


Daily Attendance/Absences:

If your student gets unexpectedly sick, or if they will be arriving late for some reason, please let the camp staff know as soon as possible. When you email or text, please give us your child’s first and last name and grade as well as which section of the camp they are enrolled in (morning or afternoon). This can be done through either or both of these methods:

General Information:

This will be a fun week of making music together. We realize that each group will include students with a wide variety of experience. We expect that some will struggle to even stand in the correct spot and remember the words, while others may be ready to audition on Broadway tomorrow. If students practice at home in the evening after each day at camp, they will absolutely progress faster in their learning process, but this is not an expectation. The purpose of this week is simply for everyone to have fun, learn about singing and dancing, make friends, improve their musicianship, gain confidence, and hopefully discover a deeper love for music. Thank you for supporting your son or daughter and for signing up for this camp. We look forward to meeting you all on Tuesday and if you have any questions, feel free to contact Katie Kouns.

May 31-June 3, 2022 (Tue-Fri)

Registration opens January 31 @ 8:00AM. Camp tuition is $160.

The Summer Spectacular Show Choir Camp is a 4-day camp filled with singing, dancing, friendship and fun! Students will learn two (2) show choir songs and dances to be recorded at the end of the week. The recording will be made available to families of campers the week following camp.

The camp is open to ALL students entering grades 5-9. Due to Carmel High School’s renovation and construction, only two camp sessions will be offered this year with a limited number of spaces:

  • 9am-12pm: 5-7 Grade Choir
    (reminder, this is for students entering grades 5-7 in the 2022-2023 school year)
  • 1pm-4pm: 8-9 Grade Choir
    (reminder, this is for students entering grades 8-9 in the 2022-2023 school year)

Camp fee includes: Specialized instruction from high-level vocal clinicians and choreographers, two (2) t-shirts, sheet music, and access to the final recorded performance.